I'm Anthony

Dev, Sussex UK

I design and write websites, PWAs, APIs, and services in .NET and TypeScript

And I work through my company antix.co.uk

This is my Blog

Durable Functions

Durable Tasks are orchestrations and activities for complex operations and can be used with Azure Functions.

Compute or gather source data, only once, in parallel and/or in sequence and over time.

Data Is Key

Data is key to future success for any business.

Given that, you need to take collection and storage of data very seriously, as it can give you the ability to make the best choices on the direction you want to go next.

A lot of companies overlook valuable data.

The Dev and the AI

So, it's been a few weeks since I left my last contract, and while I am waiting for the Bat Signal, I am investigating Rust.

I have been a C#/TS developer forever and although I've briefly put on some Java pants, I've not really changed much.

Look Ma No Hands

With Web APIs available now, you can do a lot without a framework.

Lets have a look at some of them.

Expert Assignment

Building a web app for delivering assignments to Domain Experts

Working From Home

this, from my blog 10 years ago

I have worked from home since then and all of this holds true, bar some of the tech

Its interesting to see so many people now finding the same benefits and freedoms while still providing employers with the things they need

Anyway, time flies, seems like yesterday ...